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Our bright spacious building is painted with vibrant murals that create a fun, playful and stimulating environment in which children can explore, grow and learn. 
Main play area

The main play area for toddlers and preschoolers is divided into learning zones: a creative area, a home corner, a quiet area/book corner, area for physical play, maths and language development. Each area provides resources, equipment and opportunities for children to develop and reach their own unique potential.



Baby room

The separate baby room is designed to encourage development. Brightly coloured equipment and surroundings, music and the use of textured materials create a stimulating environment where babies can learn through play. The baby room has its own activity programme which allows them to explore and experience their surroundings between their sleep schedules. There are allocated play areas for mobile and non mobile babies. Your baby will have its own dedicated carer, specially trained in caring for your baby, who will get to know you and your baby well.


The nursery has access to the Trinity Centre's award winning garden. Children can grow and care for their own potted plants to stimulate their knowledge and understanding of the world.

About us

All children deserve a good start in life and we try to do everything we can to support both you and your child.


The Nursery provides a wide range of activities to meet the children’s emotional, physical and intellectual needs.


There is a main play area for toddlers and preschoolers, a separate, specially designed baby unit and small garden.

Parent Info

Opening hours and fees, our staff, meals, parent pack and application form.

Contact us

We are accepting new registrations.  Come and visit us to disscuss your child's needs.

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